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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! 

"Satarov-studio" gallery   proposes you  the mutually advantageous co-operation.  

    "Satarov-studio" gallery is the producer of the exclusive production - the original decorative frescos after the Michael Satarov paintings,  that help you create the perfect design interior in elegant style.

    Digital fresco - the new  proposition at the market of wall-painting, that combines the quickness of execution, the reasonable price and the best way of making luxary atmosphere in yor interior.

    The original fresco - for those, who appreciates the real beauty of art work. The frescos are producing by authorised  technology   with using of  the last  achievements of the European manufacturers.

    The important significance in the production process along with application of modern equipment for digital printing  has the hand work, that gives the unique character to each fresco.

    It is difficult to overestimate the aesthetical value of this production - imitation of ancient fresco creates the atmoshere of the honorable olden times and the painting perspectives visually extends the space of interior.

    The frescos installation is very simple - it could be put at the surface of the wall, plafond or column just like the hanging wall-paper.

    We could produce the frescos of differet proportions because the high technology allows to leave the joints of sheets invisible.

    At the present time,  in the context of the production developement, our marketing policy provides the increasing of the corporative sales.

  We could create the esclusive collection of the frescos  to your company.   

    We hope to the close and mutually advantageous co-operation and we are ready to suprise our clients by high quality of the work and the last achievements of modern technology.

Detailed infomation you can find at our web-site (

© Michael Satarov

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