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  • Выставка в Екатерининском Дворце  

  • Art Project by Michael Satarov
    "Open-Air Painting"

    It was the first time that the action "Open-Air Painting" has been running with the support of the Moscow Government within period of the years 2002-2004. Pictures by artist Michael Satarov were on displays placed on billboards in the centre of Moscow and other significant locations as well as along MKAD (the Moscow Highway) and the city's major thoughfares. The artist is glad to have the honour to present the best of his paintings in the streets of the native town. The Moscovites had the unique opportunity to become familiar with the magnificent paintings by this master and without being distracted by everyday cares and chore, to have an access to his harmonious world of compositions, steel-lives, marines and cityscapes to enjoy them.

    Michael Satarov expresses his sincere appreciation to the advertising agency "Frazy Grant" that has realised this project with supporting of the "Industrials investors", and also personnal thanks to Petr Nikolajevich Aksjenov (the first deputy mayor of Moscow), Valeriy Pavlinovich Shantsev and Sergey Vladimirivich Generalov for their help in the realisation of the project.

    © Michael Satarov

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