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О Сатарове

«The modern market of artworks is overfilled with copies of his genuine opiginal pictures and they are being sold out. Such lifetime copying has never fallen to a lot of any artists...»

Dina Radbell. «Egoist», №9(13), September 2002

Michael Satarov was born in Moscow in 1963. He received classical professional education at the Moscow State Academy Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov.

Now it is hard to overestimate the degree of popularity of his paintings. Pictures by this remarkable master have a worthy place in the collections of Presidents of Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Prince of Monaco Albert. They have been in private collections of the mighty of the world for a long time. The circle of the admirers of his talent is rather wide - from representatives of business and political elite to the most known names in the artistic world and show business. The great demand for creative works by Michael Satarov allows us to name him rightfully one of the outstanding masters of the national school of art. No wonder that copies of his works can be seen in quite different places - in the closed private galleries, on the openning-days of famous exhibitions and even in embankments of resort cities. There is nothing suprising in this popularity. Connoisseurs of modern art have appriciated this master's gift for art, considering that works of art of this level are precious witnesses of their time for the future generations.

Michael Satarov possesses a rare talent - his art mastership skill at painting is revealed to an equal extent of excellence in quite different genres. It is difficult to define what the master's best at - a portrait, a still life, or a landscape. They are all so talented. Being a worthy follower of greatest achievements of the national school of realistic painting, the author has managed to find his own unique language of art images wich organically comprises elements of different styles making those who look at his works feeling the harmony and unity. Portraits occupy a particular place among the artist's creative works painted in unique manner where absolutely realistic images are in an original creative way combined with elements of symbolism and surrealism.

The reason for the icreased interest to the works by Michael Satarov is not only in masterful performance and skillful art of technique of his paintings. The secret of the charm of this artist is in the refined beauty of his pictures. Magnificence of nature and harmony of life have always at all times attracted the best artists and the most sophisticated connoisseurs. Our rushed intense time frequently deprives us of the opportunity to see the beauty of this world and it is then that an artist comes to help us - a person blessed by God with a keen feeling of beauty. Michael Satarov is that very kind of an inborn artist whom God gave the gift, in whose paintings everything that is dear to the heart capable of feeling delicately the genuine beauty of the world and human being comes to life.

© Michael Satarov

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